What wood is used?

We use an excellent solid and durable kiln dried Radiata Pine, which is machined all round.

What is the thickness of the timber used?

We use 22mm thick P.A.R. SA Radiatus Pine throughout the construction of our units.

Do you have standard sizes?

We have more than 4000 variable options and each one is standard in our manufacturing range.

Do you deliver and install?

Yes, we can deliver and install upon request in the Cape Town municipal area. Shelving may be flat packed for delivery nationally by arrangement.

How do you transport your product?

The product is flat packed for transportation. It is easy to assemble, instructions are supplied.

Do you sell to the public? What is your minimum order quantity?

Yes we sell to the public as well as in large quantities to companies. We do not have a minimum order quantity, you are able to purchase a single shelving unit.

What is your manufacturing lead time?

We pride ourselves in fast turnaround times. It normally takes less than 5 working days to deliver from the date of placing the order, subject to existing work load in the factory. Delivery times can be confirmed on placing an order.

What is the biggest project you can handle?

We have not yet reached our limit for both residential and industrial requirements.

What loading can your shelves take?

We have successfully done evenly loaded weight tests up to 1000 kg per bay on our industrial shelving, which uses many of the same components as our residential shelving. We can provide you with our “Shelf size to safe load test chart” upon request. Please also refer to the load test we completed on our home page for your peace of mind.