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Rare Timber Shelving Cape Town

Rare Timber Shelving has more than 20 years of experience in the shelving business. We specialize in the manufacturing of economic, strong and versatile solid timber shelving for any storage and space saving requirement. With a full range for the complete setup of your home / store/ retail outlets and warehouses, Rare Timber Shelving is a reliable partner fulfilling all your tailor made shelving needs.

Rare Timber Shelving offers the following services:

  • Manufacturing of your shelving, in any size, to fit your unique spaces
  • Free assessment of your shelving requirements
  • Design of shelving layouts to suit your custom spaces
  • The highest-quality wooden shelves Cape Town has to offer!
  • Hire of shelving units
  • Delivery and assembly of shelving on request
  • Relocation of your existing Rare Timber shelving
  • Rare Timber shelving strives for excellent customer service


  • Storage warehouse shelving
  • Office and home storage
  • Back room storage areas of retail shops
  • Shop display shelving
  • Garage tools shelving systems with work stations
  • Economic back to back shelving
  • Office shelving
  • Book shelving
  • Laundry shelving
  • Wheeled shelves
  • Industrial hand packed shelving
  • Commercial shelving
  • Corner shelves
  • Factory and factory shop shelving
  • Wooden Shelves Cape Town
  • Warehouse shelving
  • School shelving
  • Wall units
  • Removable shelving
  • Hand packing shelves
  • Room dividers / storage shelving
  • School shelving for books and records
  • Stock shelving
  • Library book storage and shelving – archives
  • Arch lever file storage
  • Linen shelving – laundry
  • Spare part shelving – automotive and boats
  • Rust free shelving
  • Stronger than lightweight steel racking / shelving


To assess the strength of our shelving components, Rare Timber Shelving carried out extreme load tests to determine the safe effective carrying capacity of the shelves.

This test shows a centrally loaded shelf, 900mm wide and 1350mm deep, carrying:

  • An I beam weighing 200kg
  • A bin of water in excess of 1000kg
  • A bin with 200litres of water

The total central load weighing more than 1400kg.

The results concluded a completely safe load with a slight deflection of less than 6mm in the center. To determine the maximum load permissible per shelf, Rare Timber Shelving have subsequently produced a safe loading graph for you, using individual shelf depths.


Rare Timber Shelving is your solution for any storage and space saving requirement. We offer a wide variety of strong versatile solid timber and wooden shelves. Ranging from our warehouse giant, to the modern stylish and cutting edge Nude Wardrobe to the humble bookshelf; Rare Timber Shelving is your answer. If custom units are your request, we will gladly tailor make it to your dimensions. Rare Timber Shelving boasts a durable, strong, sturdy and cost effective product.